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Amanda Crispin

Birth Doula (Birth Arts International)

Birth Photography









Amanda Crispin



Amanda fell in love with all things birth when she became pregnant with her first son in 2010. She realized that the cultural norms of fearing birth was not the route she wanted to take so she hired a doula to be on her support team. After having a beautiful and empowering birth experience, she became passionate about birth. In 2015, this naturally evolved into work as a doula because she enjoys supporting women and their families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
She believes that birth is beautiful and that every family deserves to experience the fullness of that. With education and support, every woman can truly embrace her birth story. Not because everything went according to plan, but because she was respected, cared for and given the time and space to make informed decisions about her birth. 
Since birth is such a significant life event, Amanda loves to record birth stories through written word and photography. As an aspiring birth photographer, she is offering photography as a free service as she builds her portfolio. Each family can have a timeline of their birth and a book of photos purchased at cost that display the build up of each birth and the beauty throughout the process. Thus her business Beloved Birth Stories offers both doula and photography services. 
Amanda and her family made a big move from Austin, TX to Colorado Springs in August 2017 while she was pregnant with her fourth son. After having experienced a hospital birth and two at the birth center in Texas, she was able to have her first home birth. She loves to share her passion and experience and considers it pure joy to serve families while witnessing each miracle of life.
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