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Brittany is a DONA International trained and certifying birth doula. She is a Colorado transplant of 5 years and resides here with her loving husband Emilio and their three beautiful children: Kanon Job, Kaya Joy, and Kallie Jolene. Being from Alabama, birth wasn't something people talked about. It felt as if being in the South was like being stuck inside this vortex of old wives tales, traditions, out dated practices. After the birth of her first, she began to research the physiologic birth. She quickly realized that she had found her passion! She went on to have two sweet baby girls at home in the water, one of which she caught herself! She has a wide array of experience in her short amount of time as a doula. She has attended hospital, home and numerous birth center births. She's aided families of all types and backgrounds. 
When she isn't at a birth, Brittany spends her time caring for her three little ones. She is also preparing to finish up nursing school and aspires to become a Certified Nurse Midwife someday. 
Brittany Miller
Birth Doula (DONA)