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Jenna Montgomery
Birth Doula (Bradley)
Bradley Method Instructor
Jenna Montgomery
(469) 704-1885


When you hold so much passion for a person, place, or thing, it is difficult to keep it to yourself. After a medicated delivery with our first sweet baby girl, we knew coming home from the hospital, we wanted to take a different journey if we were blessed to have another. I found The Bradley Method® through Allen Birthing Center in Allen, TX. My midwife gave me to the  number to an amazing instructor who had delivered her baby boy there just the year prior. Not only did she teach my birth classes, but she also became my doula and coached me through the birth of our second baby girl. 


I earned my certification in San Francisco in 2015, and dove head first into the birth work field. I now live in Colorado Springs, CO and have taught back to back series, many private sessions, and helped coach several laboring moms deliver their babies. Whether hospital, at home, in the water, or cesarean section, I have remained in awe of how we as women are designed and what we can accomplish. I do not believe I empower women. With Calmly Birth, I help them discovery the power they have had all along.

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