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Why Become a PPRDA Member

Just a Few of the Perks to Being a PPRDA Member


  • Web and Social Media Marketing

  • Local Marketing at Community Events

  • Professional Development Opportunities (free or discounted)

  • Peer Review and Support

  • Internship and Mentoring Opportunities for Newer Doulas

  • Respected Organization Within the Professional Community

  • Member Only Resources

How to Become a PPRDA Member

To become a member, PPRDA asks that you attend at least two full meetings. This allows the members to get to know you, and you get the opportunity to meet the members, while seeing how PPRDA operates. After at least two business meetings you must be endorsed by a member. You will be asked for three client references, a bio picture, and marketing details. Once accepted in and pay dues, you will be given a New Member Packet, added to the Facebook group, and listed on the PPRDA website. 


Membership Documents

New Member Application


PPRDA Membership Guidelines

Interested in joining? Please use the Contact Us form to request more information and the Member Guidelines and an application will be emailed to you.

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