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A beautiful birth can look 100 different ways to 100 different people and for every birth there are countless memories created. I want you to remember how perfect your baby was, and how you kissed every perfect tiny toe and finger. I want you to remember how your partner held your hand all night and got misty eyed when your baby finally arrived. You should remember how strong you felt and how proud you were to be a mother. And I want you to remember how exquisitely you were taken care of! As your doula I am there to increase joy and reduce fear wherever I can, to ensure that your memory of the day, no matter how it plays out, contains as much sunshine as possible. After all, this baby has but one birthday, and you will remember it forever.


I bring with me 10 years of experience and over 150 families served. My birth philosophy is firstly that every birthing family deserves to have up to date, evidence based information and the most effective tools and techniques available to them. To make this a reality, I spend a lot of time learning, taking workshops, and keeping my skill set sharp. Secondly, I believe that women are strong! One of the best things about my job is watching normal women like me become heroes as they rock their births!


I have three of my own babies and each of their births were very different. One was a hospital delivery and two were home births. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts and love using these skills to provide each of my clients with a casting of their babies sweet hand. I also make larger family hand castings and pregnant belly castings. I can be called on to provide casting services free of charge in times of pregnancy and infant loss. After many years living in Montreal, my family happily moved to Colorado 3 years ago. I have loved getting to know the area, especially hiking or running on the many gorgeous mountain trails.